Update a Listing

All changes to your listing should be made through either the Registrar or your payroll office. (The information collected by these offices may update other resources besides this online directory - e.g. hardcopy directories.)


To change your phone number, go to the Student Center online service, which is accessible via the My Home tab in My UW-Madison.

Your campus e-mail address is the one that will show up in the online directory. (You can set a home e-mail address in the Student Center online service, but this will not show up in the online directory.)

If you need to change your campus NetID (due to marriage, e.g., or other reasons) you must go through DoIT and must meet the following criteria.

Contact the Registrar (262-3811) to change your name. You should also contact your payroll office if you’re employed by the university should you have any changes to your name.

Contact your payroll office to change your title, division, department, work phone, or work e-mail.

Your information on record may not be the same as that which is displayed in this online directory because there is a delay between the time you make a change to your listing and when the updated information appears in this directory. If your listing is still inaccurate after a week, feel free to contact the DoIT Help Desk at 264-HELP (264-4357).

Faculty and staff

UW-Madison employees can change their office phone number via My UW-Madison (on the Personal Record tab.) Other fields of information need to be changed through your unit’s payroll coordinator.

Employee Information changes will be reflected on the online directory, campus mail labels and centrex operator information throughout the year.

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