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Black History Month

Afrofuturism: B(l)ack to the Future

Voices of the past. Living in the present. Guiding our future.

Afrofuturism is the (re)imagining of the future for Black people through various mediums such as the arts, media, and literature. While Afrofuturism’s origins stem from the erasure of African traditions and identity from the science fiction genre, its reach is far more expansive. It’s a cultural movement that uses the future as a way to (re)imagine the realities and possibilities for those part of the African diaspora.

This year, we will celebrate the theme of Afrofuturism: B(l)ack to the Future by presenting a cohesive set of programming designed to educate, celebrate, and support the imagination of Black existence in 2020 and the years to come. Our theme for the month aims to show how the voices of our ancestors from the past continue to live in the present, while guiding us into the future.

Keynote Speaker Pierce Freelon
February 27, 2020 Download poster

Special thanks to the 2020 Black History Month Student Planning Committee