Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) Heritage Month 2021

The Spaces In Between

What does it mean to be Asian Pacific Islander Desi American? This fundamental question of APIDA identity has been met with answers as diverse as the community membership itself. On one hand, we are defined as having social and geographic ties to both America and our respective ethnic homelands. On the other hand, APIDA identity is a political identity defined relative to other communities of color in a White dominated society. In either case, we can be found in The Spaces in Between. This April 2021, APIDA Heritage Month will be exploring the many ways that APIDA identity is shaped both within and outside the community. The Spaces in Between will center on the lived experiences of Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans to illustrate how identity continues to be situated and reimagined in a changing world. Join us as we bridge The Spaces in Between us within the APIDA community!

Due to Covid-19 and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) federal guidelines for practicing social distancing due to health and wellness concerns we will be focused on celebrating the APIDA community and hosting events virtually. For more information, please contact us at Follow us on Social Media @uwapidasc. #apidahm #apidahm2021 #studentlife

Public History Project

To celebrate APIDA Heritage Month, the Public History Project will be releasing three blog posts throughout April that focus on the history of Asian and Asian American students' experience on campus.

Make an Impact

The Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center (APIDASC) serves APIDA identifying students by facilitating opportunities for academic and social support, co-curricular programming, and community building. It exists to acknowledge the specific and particular realities within APIDA communities at UW–Madison, while also connecting communities to the larger Wisconsin Experience and fostering a sense of belonging. Please consider donating transformational dollars to the APIDA Student Initiative Fund, dedicated to uplifting and affirming the voices, experiences, and dynamic lives of APIDA Badgers.


The APIDA Student Center, sponsor of APIDAHM, is an extension of the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) at UW–Madison. We would like to extend a special “Thank You” to the APIDA Heritage Month Student Planning Committee for their dedication, time and effort.

We would also like to recognize the following individuals and groups for their support and collaboration throughout the APIDA Heritage Month celebration:

  • Korean Student Association (KASA)
  • Lao and Cambodian Student Association (LCSA)
  • Hmong American Student Association (HASA)
  • panelists who participated in the Allyship and Action panel
  • individuals and groups who were willing to be featured at the APIDA Gala
  • Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association
  • Asian American Studies Program
  • Center for South Asian Studies
  • Wisconsin Union Directorate Performing Arts