Accessibility Statement

University Communications has designed the home page using best practices in standards-based Web design. The site is in compliance with the university’s Web Accessibility Policy and incorporates HTML, CSS and JavaScript to present content and functionality in a manner that accommodates a range of Web browsing software.

Beyond the black-and-white aspects of prescribed accessibility standards, we have used our best judgment in implementing a site design that meets the needs of all users. We always welcome feedback about our design and implementation choices. E-mail us at

Access keys

The site incorporates a handful of access keys based upon the UK Government Access Keys Standard. Read more about the use of access keys in Web page design.

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The main menu system for the site relies upon JavaScript onMouseover and onFocus events to trigger flyout submenus under each of the main menu options. Because providing keyboard access to these menus would have prevented us from providing basic keyboard access to other key parts of the site, we have chosen to capture all of the submenu links on a standalone page, which can be reached using the '3' access key.

Video captioning

The home page will occasionally feature video content. Whenever possible, a closed-captioned version of a video will be prepared prior to publishing. In some cases, a closed-captioned version may not be available until after the video is first published.

Contact us

If you have questions or need assistance with any aspect of the university home page, contact:

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