Pulitzer Prize

Updated March 2015

Year Awardee
1933 Frederick Jackson Turner (B.A. 1884, M.A. 1888; faculty)
History: The Significance of Sections in American History
1939 Louis Lochner (B.A. 1909)
Correspondence: Associated Press
1939 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (B.A. 1918)
Fiction: The Yearling
1944 Merle Curti (faculty)
History: The Growth of American Thought
1945 Russell Blaine Nye (M.A. 1935, Ph.D. 1940)
Biography: George Bancroft: Brahmin Rebel
1953 Austin Werhwein (B.A. 1937)
International Reporting: Milwaukee Journal
1960 Miriam Ottenberg (B.A. 1935)
Investigative Reporting: Washington Evening Star
1965 Howard Mumford Jones (B.A. 1914)
General Non-fiction: O Strange New World
1966 Haynes Johnson (M.S. 1956)
National Reporting: Washington Evening Star
1970 Marquis Childs (B.A. 1923)
Commentary: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
1970 T. Harry Williams (M.Ph. 1932, Ph.D. 1937)
Biography: Huey Long
1973 Eudora Welty (B.A. 1929)
Fiction: The Optimist’s Daughter
1975 William C. Mullen (B.A. 1967)
International Reporting: Chicago Tribune
1977 Neil Ulevich (B.A. 1968)
Spot News Photography: Associated Press
1982 John T. Darnton (B.A. 1967)
International Reporting: New York Times
1985 Thomas McCraw (M.A. 1968, Ph.D. 1970)
Business History: Profits of Regulation
1986 William J. Broad (M.A. 1977)
Explanatory Journalism
1987 William J. Broad (M.A. 1977)
National Reporting: shared with others at New York Times
1988 Walter Bogdanich (B.A. 1975)
Investigative Reporting: Wall Street Journal
1992 Deborah Blum (M.A. 1982, faculty)
Beat Reporting: Sacramento Bee
1993 Paul J. Ingrassia (M.A. 1973)
Beat Reporting: Wall Street Journal
1993 David A. Maraniss (1971)
National Reporting: Washington Post
1996 Robert D. McFadden (B.S. 1960)
Spot News Reporting: New York Times
1994 William Broad (M.A. 1977)
History of Science
1998 Edward J. Larson (M.A. 1976, Ph.D. 1984)
History, for book "Summer for the Gods."
2000 Diane Carman (B.A. 1973)
Breaking News Coverage: Denver Post
2000 Eric Newhouse (B.A. 1967)
Explanatory Reporting: Great Falls (Mont.) Tribune
2001 Jon Hilkevitch (B.A. 1978)
Explanatory Journalism: Chicago Tribune
2004 Anthony Shadid (B.A. 1990)
International Reporting
2004 Abigail Goldman (B.A. 1992)
Distinguished Reporting on National Affairs: Los Angeles Times
2004 Lowell Bergman (B.A. 1966)
Public Service: New York Times
2005 Walter Bogdanich (B.A. 1975)
National Reporting: New York Times
2006 Christopher Rose (B.A. 1982)
Public Service Award: New Orleans Times-Picayune
2008 Walter Bogdanich (B.A. 1975)
Investigative Reporting: New York Times
2008 David Umhoefer (B.A. 1983)
Local Reporting: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
2009 Naomi Patton (B.A. x’93)
Local Reporting: Detroit Free Press
2010 Anthony Shadid (B.A. 1990)
International Reporting
2011 Kathleen Gallagher (B.A. 1981)
Explanatory Reporting: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel